A few ideas for your dressing

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If you are constantly struggling to keep your wardrobe in order, you are always complaining there isn’t enough space (girls, yes, we are talking about you) or you are always wearing the same outfits because many others are hidden in the clutter, perhaps it’s time to consider creating a dressing. Tempted to say you don’t have enough space for such a project? Let us tell you there are solutions suitable for both generous or narrow spaces.

Separate Room Dressing

If you have the possibility to set up a dressing in a separate, you still have to pay special attention to make sure you are wisely using every inch. It’s not enough that you managed to dispose of the over-sized wardrobes and large drawers, you have to carefully assess the functionality of every piece of furniture you are going to place in your new dressing. First and foremost, you should assign each member of the family a distinct space. After that, analyse each member’s needs and purchase furniture accordingly. Never choose a standard dressing unit, it won’t suit everyone. For instance, we all know men will never need as much space for shoes as women do. After all, you have to see your dressing as a gigantic step-in wardrobe, where everything is in sight, therefore you will need many box-like modules, shelves, hanger bars  etc. A large mirror, besides being very useful for the dressing-related activities, will also create the illusion of a larger space. If the space allows it, you can also place an ottoman. This will come in very handy when trying on different outfits and shoes. We are sure this is every woman’s dream.


You can easily find modules you can assemble at home, without too much trouble. However, you do have to consider a few things:

– Choose laminated chipboards materials, they are a lot easier to maintain.

– You should place multiple hager bars, at different heights. If, however, you will choose to have just one, make sure it’s not installed below 1.80 meters from the floor. While a lower one might work for shirts, you need extra space to hang, for example, evening gowns.

– Purchase smart and ingenious objects like this rack for pants, purses and belts.

dressing 3

– Ladies, don’t forget, you also need a corner to keep your jewelry, perfumes and beauty products. So why not place a vanity?

dressing 1

In terms of design, the possibilities are endless.

Dressings for small spaces

Although it seem almost impossible to create a dressing in a narrow space, you actually can. The best place to do this is the bedroom, and all you need is a door-less wardrobe able to exploit the vertical space as much as the horizontal one.

To save space, don’t purchase modules deeper than 60 cm Clothes placed on rakes will get a bit out of the niche, but, we can assure you, this is not less aesthetic, nor inconvenient in any way. For the same reason, for shoes, you may choose sloping shelves.

dressing 2


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