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The trundle bed, the best way to save space

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The trundle bed offers multiple possibilities, both structural and aesthetic. If you are thinking of decorating a bedroom and saving space, this resource can be of great help. The bedrooms offer many possibilities for decoration. What should be avoided is the accumulation of furniture and objects. You should take into consideration to leave room for the transit of people. Therefore, a good solution is the trundle bed, the best way to save space.

It may not be so common to find this format of beds in homes, but there is no doubt that it is beginning to become more common due to the facilities it provides and the decorative and functional possibilities it presents.

The trundle bed

What we are really looking for in a room is that there is space, decoration and comfort. If all this can be combined in one room, then we will be achieving harmony, organization and well-being.

Fundamental characteristics of a trundle bed:

  • These types of beds usually consist of a mattress, a box spring and a lower structure with storage drawers. In addition, it can be delimited by the headboard and the feet, showing the appearance of a nest.
  • The bed can be boxed in above and at the ends, forming a shelf, in such a way that we find ourselves before a wide structure, where two vital furniture for a bedroom come together.
  • Its aesthetics will attract all eyes. There is no doubt that it will get a lot of prominence, being an atypical and quite original resource, but let’s not forget that it has many years of history. Currently, it has evolved and has new designs.
The trundle bed
The trundle bed

Where can we place it?

Obviously, the trundle bed must be in a bedroom. It doesn’t make any sense that we place it in spaces that do not correspond to it, since it will be used for rest and well-being.

You can place this type of bed in any bedroom. It does not matter if you are a child, a teenager or an adult, there are different aesthetics that adapt to each age. In conclusion, do not hesitate to put a trundle bed if you really want to give your room an innovative and original touch.

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