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In today’s world, a world ruled by technology and cool gadgets, some things we considered impossible a few years back became not only possible, but also ordinary in almost every home. Who would have thought you can have an exceptional cinema experience right in the comfort of your living room?

We have to say: though a great multimedia system will provide an astonishing picture and a surreal sound, without the right placement, your entire experience will have a lot to suffer. So how can you make the most out of your gadgets? Read on and find out how to configure your multimedia corner.


It all starts with choosing the right room for your multimedia furniture and technology. It shouldn’t be very big, nor should it be very bright. Sun streaming right onto your screen, whether it’s a TV or a laptop, it’s not something you want, so make sure you have some thick drapes to control the sun rays. After all, you don’t want your cinema experience to be limited at night hours. If possible, paint the walls in a darker color that doesn’t reflect light. Now, this is not mandatory, you can keep your walls light or white, but a dark color will absorb the light creating a more genuine cinema feeling.

Once you have decided on the room, it’s time to pick the perfect furniture. For this purpose, the modular and minimal furniture is the perfect option.


Now let’s talk about the sound. We’ve seen people buying 5.1 or 7.1 surround systems, but they placed the speakers wrong.  Depending on the model, each surround system is placed differently, but here are some basic rules to follow:

– Never use only the front speakers. We are not in the stereo area anymore and some films have digital sound that requires at least a 5.1 system.

– Never place the rear speakers in the back of the couch. As a matter of fact, there should be nothing in front of them as the sound is blocked or bounces.

– An empty room will give you a lousy echo.

– You might have never thought of this, but a carpet improves the “acoustics” of the room. The fluffier it is, the better.


For the sofas, you might not want them too comfortable, or your guests will fall asleep in the middle of the film. Just joking.

You might have an amazing room, but if you leave all the wires in sight, you will compromise everything. Masking everything should be considered before painting the room. Older apartments or houses will not have the necessary amount of power outlets which, of course, is understandable. Back in the day, people didn’t have so many devices to plug in. Hire an electrician to mount at least 10 outlets in the multimedia spot. If you want to suspend your TV, make sure you have an outlet upper. Extension cords are not very pleasing. If you are breaking your walls to put extra electrical wires for the new outlets, you might want to move the TV cable and the internet cable in the wall as well. Make sure you have at least 2 Ethernet ports near your multimedia cornet. You might need them for a gaming console or a smart TV.

The most important thing is to think ahead. If you can’t afford smart technology yet, you will! So if you want an 80″ TV, don’t plan for the 40″ you can afford. You know how they say… Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have. Same goes here.

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