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Modular Furniture: Simple and practical!

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When it comes to decorating a new apartment, we definitely need to talk about the geometrization of space. This is, in some ways, the undoing of the massive carved furniture and large dining tables. Instead, it’s the new era of the modular furniture. Thus, there appeared on the market (and are increasingly popular) media furniture combinations made out of single shelves, ergonomic sofas and storage units made out of interchangeable pieces etc. This type of furniture is suitable for both large and narrow rooms. The utility and pleasant aesthetics of this style are given by the way the pieces come together, just like a puzzle.

Modular furniture has the advantage of being built out of light boards, all designed to be interchangeable. Also  it is easy to modify, transport and maintain. We must not neglect the fact that this furniture is very environmentally friendly and, in an era where resources are getting scarce, this is of huge importance.

In the living room, the main items you can build out of modules are the media furniture and the display shelves. You can combine them to create a unique and personal design, something tailored for you personal taste and needs. You can play with colors and shapes, with fixed or mobile modules (equipped with wheels), and you can even hide some modules you don’t use very frequently. So, for example, if you don’t need a massive desk, you can embed a simple one (modular), in your media furniture design. You can use it as a desk when you need to and, in the rest of the time, you can repurpose it for something else.

A very important aspect to be considered when assembling the modules is their number. If too many, the graphic concept of the room will become ordinary and regular, as the elements will be lost in a complex ensamble.

Designers typically use three to five modules juxtapositions. Also, they only enhance a single element, which will eventually become the leitmotif.


Do you want to redecorate your living room using modular furniture? Nothing easier! The elegance is given by the simple shapes like squares, rectangles or circles. You will create the illusion of a larger space and the room will look more airy and orderly. This is especially necessary if you are redecorating a small room.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas complete the whole living room design by bringing forward the space destined for relaxing or socializing. They are especially functional because they can be “broke” into many sitting areas. You can rearrange  the modules to fit many people when having guests or you can arrange multiple sitting areas when organizing a party. The same pieces go together and form a huge sofa which can be used for relaxation or even as a guest bed.

A modular sofa is equally addressed to nonconformists. Do you want to break the ordinary pattern and create a spectacular visual effect? You can use several modules, each upholstered with different fabrics in different textures and colors. The effect is guaranteed.


Coffee tables

Something that should not be  missing in any living room is the coffee table. This can also be designed using the modular style. A large coffee table can be separated into four smaller ones when necessary. It can also be transformed in a long low buffet, ideal for placing snacks when having guests, or it can accommodate a storage space which is utterly important in the room’s ergonomics.

You can picture modular furniture just as a Lego game. You can combine and recombine everything in dozens of ways to create an unimaginable number of custom solutions. With just a few pieces of furniture, some imagination and attention to details, decorating your house becomes a fun game. It’s the best way to avoid routine and it represents an active lifestyle and openness to innovation.  Besides the stunning look, the final result will also be highly functional – that’s a match made in heaven.


Sounds simple? It actually is, but only if you take into consideration all the facts when purchasing it. Therefore, we strongly recommend evaluating all the resource the space has to offer (lighting, main purpose, surface etc.). It’s only up to you to use it wisely and create storage areas in the most unexpected places, to tame the straight lines and wisely use all the three dimensions.

Don’t forget: each module must justify its presence through comfort, convenience and perfect integration in the ensemble.

Also, even if there aren’t many people living in your household, the living room is equally a social environment (the place to have birthday parties, holiday dinners and friends gatherings) and a relaxation area where you can dive deeply into reading your favorite book.  Because it should be a versatile space, pick carefully something that allows you the freedom of movement. And if a certain “order” becomes dull, you can start redecorating without having to purchase additional items. How cool is this?

We left at the end a question you may have already asked yourself. Is it possible to have a hand made version of modular furniture? The answer is yes, and we are going to offer an eloquent example that depicts an object that can have multiple uses, depending on the ensemble it’s incorporated in.

This piece can be used as a chair, table, magazine stand and shelving element.

hand made 1

It is  a light pine construction, designed to be assembled without using any screws or additional structures. The mounting principle is based on the components’ balance in the structure it’s part of.

hand made

Bottom line: Simple and practical. These are the main advantages of modular furniture, and this is why it is increasingly popular.


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