Horoscope Furniture – Furniture for each zodiacal signs (Part I)

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Do you sometimes consult the horoscope to find out what the stars have planned for your career, what they have prepared for your love life and what’s the trend in your personal finances? Now, have you ever taken into consideration your zodiacal sign when decorating your house? Why not give it a try? You might find a bunch of ideas or, at least, have some fun reading this.

If you are an Aries, the minimalist style will suite you best. Your apartment will be fully furnished and equipped, but also easy to maintain and clean. You will have just a handful of ornaments, but they will be precious, while the furniture will be of the highest quality, but not ostentatious. Pragmatism and perfectionism in every corner.


A Taurus will furnish his apartment considering the needs of others before his own. Those belonging to this sign offer put accent on appearance and tend to be superficial at times. The bathroom and the kitchen will be fully equipped, but the bedroom might get overlooked if our Taurus is single.

Gemini usually complicate things; therefore, if this is your sign and you don’t lack financial resources, you will decorate your apartment in an eclectic style. You have your own way of doing things, so you won’t hesitate to choose eccentric furniture or bold colors.


Are you a Cancer? Then the most suitable for you is an apartment where the dominant colors are warm. Your bedroom will be an area where “privacy” is watchword and the children’s rooms will be furnished and decorated so that the kids safety will always be first. You will pay extra attentions to the rooms used by all the family members (ie – kitchen, bathroom etc.).

A Leo‘s apartment, will be dominated by warm colors as well, just like it was in the Cancer’s case.  However, opposite to the Cancer, a Leo is more self-centered, so it’s less likely to orient towards the family, but rather consider personal comfort first. Those born under this sign often choose massive furniture, imposing mirrors and, in general, prefer opulence. It is their way of showing they are always in control.


Are you a Virgo? Then, surely, the simple things are the ones that will surround you. You choose decorations with great care and good taste, in shades of gray, blue or green. You are fan of plants as well, but the one thing that will not miss in your living room is the flat screen TV. Add a good audio system and a gaming console and you are a happy person.

Read tips for the other 6 signs in the next article!

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